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About Us

Lori - THE Silver Lady – Lori began selling jewelry out of a friends spare bedroom 28 years ago after someone liked a piece of jewelry she had on and talked Lori into selling it to her. Lori sold it to her and she soon realized her talent for finding unique jewelry and decided to make it her profession. From her humble beginnings out of a friend’s house, an outdoor stall in the Loop market area, finally moving to a table inside the Loop market, and then having a small storefront, she can now usually be found in her 2nd store in the Central West End.


Jeff - A.K.A. The Silver Dude – married Lori a few years ago and enjoyed “playing” in the stores so much and helping customers that he got a degree from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America as an Accredited Jewelry Professional. Jeff can usually be found playing in the Loop store. He calls working in the stores “playing” because he has so much fun with customers. He and Lori have a great eye for finding those unique pieces that make The Silver Lady the place to shop!